Metadigm is part of The Blend IT Group which was founded for the purpose of acquiring, creating and investing in IT service providers with a focus on the provision of Managed Services.

The following Core Values evident in everything we do differentiate us from other organisations.


At Blend IT we are passionate about the people we employ and the services we offer to our Customers.

Each employee believes in the solutions and products we sell through to the service and delivery of them to the customer. It is this commitment for the work they do that stands us apart from other organisations.


With the increasing demands of IT services in today’s business environment we believe that flexibility from a provider is a key requirement.

With ever changing and evolving requirements in business, IT can only operate effectively if it receives adequate investment, management and support. We work with our Customers to provide flexible solutions and terms to meet their individual business needs.


We strongly adhere to moral and ethical rules. Integrity and accountability are values we all hold in our day to day lives.