Cisco Security solutions, including Cisco Secure Borderless Networks solutions, are the result of more than 15 years of network security experience and validated system architectures.

They help you decrease risk by balancing flexibility and enablement with protection, transforming business procedures into automatic enforcement.

As businesses evolve to borderless networks, Cisco Secure Borderless Networks solutions offer numerous advantages over competing solutions, including:

  • End-to-end security coverage for the entire infrastructure. Traditional suppliers provide security through isolated endpoint devices on the network edge. With Cisco, security is embedded into every product in the network infrastructure, from routers and switches to the data center. This allows threats to be recognized within seconds or minutes, instead of days or hours.
  • Added value of network intelligence. Each Cisco Security product has built-in intelligence, and uses it to analyze current conditions and interoperate with other intelligent network devices. The result is an intelligent network security system, where all devices share threat information, and create rules to pass to the security center.
  • A global view of the security threat landscape. Cisco security devices participate in Cisco Security Intelligence Operations (SIO), to provide an overview of security threats worldwide and locally. This allows Cisco security devices to dynamically and automatically adapt to changing threat environments in real time.
  • The very latest security products. Cisco is constantly releasing innovative networking and support tools, and often leads the way in offering new security implementations. As your company grows and develops, you can be confident that it will always have the most advanced level of security.
  • Award-winning, 24-hour technical support. Cisco Security solutions come from Cisco, a single, stable vendor who can meet your ongoing service and support needs. Outstanding quality and reliability are built into every Cisco Security product, but if there is ever a problem, it can be replaced in a day, or even in two hours if needed.
  • Wide range of financing options available. Through Cisco Capital, organizations can buy advanced security equipment within their capital expense budget. Cisco Capital offers a variety of financing options, to meet the needs of organizations that might otherwise be priced out.

Metadigm and Cisco

Damballa Failsafe uses a system of out-of-band sensors to monitor communications including firewall traffic, DNS queries, and HTTP requests. It looks for behaviors and unique indicators of suspicious files and C&C communication and correlates this information to identify the presence of malware and pinpoint infected devices.

Multiple deep packet inspection engines in Damballa Failsafe sensors detect threats utilizing:

  • Automated Malware Analysis – detecting and capturing suspicious executables and PDFs, identifying if they are malicious, and analyzing them at Damballa Labs in real-time to profile their C&C communication behavior and provide host forensic details.
  • Behavioral Analysis – tracking the behavior of the asset’s communications – identifying if certain communications seem automated or act more like a human. Profiling Communications – analyzing network traffic to determine if the destination is suspicious, known to be C&C, has a low reputation, or is generally shady.