Gigamon’s GigaSECURE® Security Delivery Platform is transforming the way security applications are deployed and leveraged, by enabling them to be more effective at protection and remediation, less complex, and more cost-effective.

Traditional methods of IT security using regularly updated signature definitions cannot meet the challenge of zero-day attacks and evolving threat profiles. These require a more versatile, multi-tiered approach, based on complete traffic visibility not only at the perimeter, but also inside the network.

Integrating an adaptive strategy with pervasive traffic visibility allows multiple approaches, technologies and best-of-breed solutions to be employed immediately and simultaneously, to meet new threats both inline and out-of-band.

About Gigamon

The GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform provides pervasive visibility of network traffic, users, applications and suspicious activity – through solutions including Gigamon’s broad family of TAPs, inline bypass, NetFlow/IPFIX generation and SSL decryption, Adaptive Packet Filtering and Application Session Filtering capabilities.

See more. Secure more.
Gigamon increases the efficiency of security tools and architectures through pervasive network visibility that lets each tool see the traffic that’s relevant to it – increasing performance, reducing false positives, and providing faster access to the data the tools need to see.

With the Security Delivery Platform, any tool can be presented with traffic from any part of the network, without the need for individual point connections. This enables new security devices to be added simply and efficiently, and security functions to scale, by load balancing traffic from high bandwidth links across multiple appliances.

The platform also improves efficiency by preselecting only the packets each tool needs to see, and performing functions including traffic deduplication, header stripping, packet slicing, masking, source port labelling, time stamping, and decrypting SSL traffic to enable embedded malware to be identified. Offloading SSL decryption can save up to 80% of resources, and traffic only needs to be decrypted once before being sent to all the security systems that need to see it.

The Security Delivery Platform not only gives visibility into network traffic, but also to traffic metadata (or NetFlow data) giving security and analytics devices the context for traffic flows. And the platform is SDDC-ready, and able to unify all physical and virtual traffic for security monitoring. It recognises VXLAN headers and can forward traffic to the appropriate tools based on the security policy for that VXLAN. And, by stripping off the header, traffic can even be forwarded to security devices that are not SDDC-ready.

Why Gigamon?

Innovators of the Visibility Fabric™ architecture, Gigamon delivers pervasive, intelligent, and dynamic traffic visibility to management, monitoring and security systems, without affecting the performance or stability of the production network. Gigamon solutions are deployed globally across vertical markets including over half of the Fortune 100 and many government and federal agencies.