Testing a companies IT environment for any security gaps is an integral part of ensuring the best approach to information security management.

In many cases testing the security of ones IT architecture is a part of regulatory compliance and necessary accreditation, such as PCI, FSA and many more. Through testing, organisations are able to prove that regulatory security requirements are met, prove infrastructure spend and confirm the efficiency of application security controls.

About Mandalorian

Mandalorian provide a variety of IT health check options, form penetration testing to application testing. As recognised experts for penetration testing, Mandalorian engineers carry CHECK and Tiger Scheme certifications and upon completion offer tailored reports to help you understand, pinpoint and remediate any problems that they may have found.

Product Offerings

Mandalorian are known for flexibility and are able to meet any requirement with tailored testing and reporting, such as:

  • Penetration Testing
    Mandalorian can analyse the security of an organisations internal & perimeter network, identifying specific threats, vulnerabilities and weaknesses that may compromise the network and leave data at risk. Mandalorian can then offer comprehensive configuration and patch management review services.
  • Application Security Testing
    Using web-based applications can be difficult to fully secure, that is why Madalorian offer their expertise in order to assess these elements of a network. A consultation can help an organisation decide upon the best framework for developed or hosted we applications.
  • Tailored Assessment Services
    Mandalorian are able to test bespoke technologies and platforms, as well as different hardware, such as mobile devices etc. With all their expertise, Mandalorian are able to tailor a testing and reporting project to most requirements.